José Catrimán

Head Chef - La Granja

Jose Catriman

“I work with seasonal products creating my menus as I ponder the great variety of vegetables that surround me,” says Catrimán.

Born in Patagonia, José’s cooking is rooted in the South American traditions of home cooking and the mastery of the open flame. He developed his professional skills working in kitchens around Europe for over 19 years before settling behind the stove at La Granja. His main goal is to create a more natural, whole and real style of cooking with an additional focus on food that is free of refined sugars, dairy and gluten.

With the on-premise garden as his guide, Jose uses wood and fire to create freestyle menus that recall the ‘grandmother’ style cooking of Italy and Catalonia, translated into modern recipes that capture the essence of the Ibizan countryside. He takes a veggie-centric approach to every meal, giving as much attention to a simple carrot as he does to the locally-sourced meats that he expertly grills.